UK govt reveals to India it won’t meddle in Kashmir Day occasion

Indian Ministry of External Affairs representative Raveesh Kumar said amid a media instructions on Thursday that Delhi had taken the matter of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Pakistan’s occasion ─ booked to be held in the House of Commons ─ featuring human rights infringement in Indian Occupied Kashmir “very emphatically” with the UK.

“We trust that they will comprehend our protests to the proposed meeting and make a fitting move,” Kumar said. Depicting the UK as “an agreeable nation and vital accomplice”, Kumar said India was cheerful and “expected” that the British government would address Delhi’s worries.

The UK, in any case, said it would not meddle in the issue, with the British High Commission (BHC) representative in New Delhi declaring that “UK’s Members of Parliament are autonomous of the administration; it is for individual individuals to choose whom they meet and for what reason”.

As per an official statement issued by Foreign Office, the Feb 4 meeting will be trailed by a show in London to “feature the centrality of [India-occupied] Jammu and Kashmir debate and the grave human rights infringement against the Kashmiri individuals by India which are as a rule generally sentenced and should be promptly ceased”.

The BHC representative in New Delhi revealed to India Today that the UK government knows that “Mr. Qureshi is going to London to go to various private occasions. There are no plans for gatherings with the UK Government amid this visit.”

“The UK’s longstanding position is  India and Pakistan, to locate an enduring political goal to the circumstance in Kashmir, considering Kashmiri individuals’ desires,” the representative included.

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