New Microstrategy Cloud Solutions

“Pump Your Sales” by New Microstrategy Cloud Solutions

“Pump Your Sales” by New Microstrategy Cloud Solutions

As we know Microstrategy is the best provider for Enterprise Analytics and mobility software. It announced solutions with many growing system Demands. 

That continuously move their MicroStrategy Analytics and mobility Deployments to cloud for Decreasing costs and managing Performance and measurability.

New Microstrategy Cloud Solutions

For Comparing Deployment Strategies and accessing values of moving, them to cloud. You can Download EBook that is Regarding Micro strategy Cloud. They visit cloud cost savings. 

Performance Improvements and measurability will be achieved by Moving in cloud Environment.

The cloud Applications in Microstrategy 2019 update 2 and Update 3. They will offer broader options for an Enterprise Cloud First Analytics Strategy. Companies have an option to select a MicroStrategy cloud platform.

That is for launching pre-configured, completely optimized enterprise-ready environments on AWS or an Azure Service. It is an automated manner with 30 minutes.

Automated Deployment Accelerations that is Time to value

Microstrategy cloud Platform accepts companies for launching a complete platform. That is in an Exceptional automated manner. Microstrategy cloud platform is a pre-configured one. It launched within 30 minutes with automatic controls, with secure single-tenant Instances.

Continuous Cross-Cloud Deployment portability

Vendor Lock-In is one of the Biggest risks, for cloud Service providers today. For overcoming the risk. Enterprises require to prioritize the design of applications. 

So it is very Easy to Decouple from underlying Design of Their hosting vendor. That Greatly simplifies the task of Transporting applications and information for the alternative vendor. 

Centralized Administration

Microstrategy Cloud platform is on AWS/Azure offer latest, intuitive and centralized Interface for moving and configuring production Ready Architecture.

Directly with an Existing VPC and Vnet accounts, subnets, that which designed by the same console.

Administrators expand Console Functionality for automated Workflows, that is by using Extensive cloud REST API. Extending Power of micro strategy cloud for their DevOps automation Work Reports.

Pre Configures Environments

Microstrategy Cloud Platform on AWS/Azure that is Further Optimize an analytics Deployments. That is by offering a Set of pre-configured environments. Include team, enterprise, and department.

The team Configuration for very small teams or for Proof of concept Projects. Department configuration comes with a simple optimized, type of load balancers and Examples.

Making it in an easy way of setting and Scaling relationship Database in the cloud.

Integration with 40 Public Cloud Services

Microstrategy cloud Architecture includes proprietary tools and certain techniques. That is for delivering greater productivity. That is by using the same or very less compute and memory resources.

It was completely Equipped and optimized for leveraging AWS  or Azure cloud architecture. For getting, this Microstrategy cloud platform Integrations, with 40+ public cloud services.

They include certain unique Workflows that which leverage, latest public cloud Services for computing, storing, database, network, Content Delivery, and certain administration.

Rigorous Security 

That is Reinforced by single-tenant Environment, Micro strategy, which offer comprehensive Armor for safeguarding Enterprise Data Assets. By moving applications, which are in-between applications and Securing VPC. 

Microstrategy prioritizes applications, security for every level, that is like networking platform and applications.

Furthermore, MicroStrategy cloud is designed for meeting the specific requirements of a company. That is from certification and Regular Compliance Standpoint including Service Organization Controls. 

Company has Engineered Microstrategy 2019 for an open, enterprise Platform for a very simple reason. Forgiving Users, the selection and flexibility for moving their mission with many critical applications. 

They offer Some of the Big options, that available for First analytics strategies. Companies simply select a cloud Deployment, that best fit their business. 

That is without compromising any analytics environment.

RAC Insurance

A leading Insurance producer, based in Western Australia. Is moving its analytics Environment to a MicroStrategy cloud platform with Azure. The main Driver that is behind move to the cloud is measurability and reliability that will be achieved.

RAC Insurance plans to use Microstrategy cloud platform on Azure. That is for designing so many Data points that relate to members that are by leveraging certain predictive analytics.

This potentially guides RAC insurance, for unlocking significant competitive advantage, increase profitability and driving growth opportunities.

RAC Insurance plans for using Microstrategy with an on-premises Design. That Decrease cost and accept employees for concentrating value for their members. That is less in handling physical Design.

These are the best-known facts about Microstrategy cloud.

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