Digital Guru is a Freelancing, Technology and Motivational blog covering essential tech news and posting every day rousing/persuasive posts. We plan to shifts gears in the future and provides proper online coverage of these above topics. The articles you’ll see here will be to-the-point. Someone said so,


“Raise Your Voice By Improving The Argument.”


Founded by Muhammad Anas from Pakistan.If you want to read about the Founder of Digital Guru the little info is given below.

digital guru founder

Asalamualikum /Hi, My name is Muhammad Anas and I am Founder of Digital Guru from greatest country Pakistan. I am a Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, Blogger & Freelancer. I want to become the boss of my own. When I was started freelancing I have limited resources & skills. In this process, I was bear many demotivational factors but due to my Solid Aim & Enthusiasm, I achieve my goals & objectives.

Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/anas_pps

“Never dreamed about success, Always worked for it”

Sometimes, life has a cruel way of testing us. We get stuck with things and people who surround us that we do not take the courage and break our mental barriers.

“Don’t just think, get off your bed and act now”