What business to start in 2020

What business to start in 2020?

What business to start in 2020

In restoration: single product and delivery

Trends in the catering sector was one of the topics addressed in the last meeting of Entrepreneurs in Franchises organized by this magazine. The experts participating in this thematic table pointed out some of the trends that are shaping the immediate future of the sector. Among these, the hyper specialized offer stood out, if possible with very small letters or single products. Aloha Poke is an example of a success story in this trend. In this case, another trend in the sector is added, the incorporation of ethnic and culturally exotic ingredients.

Healthy food and a service that is very experiential for the user, in the case of on-site consumption, or very fast and comfortable, when what is required is home service, also mark some business opportunities in the sector. Another line of business that is beginning to take shape is the one that is committed to transferring the same experiences that the client receives in the restaurant, as a place of leisure, to the service received in a food delivery service at home or everyday environments, such as the job. Proposals such as Do EAT! That it has created a network of restaurants within different corporations so that the client can find a service similar to the one they would receive in a restaurant at night in their working hours, leaving behind the sad company dining rooms with a daily menu at reasonable prices.

In the pet sector: personalization and enhancement of the pet-human bond

Kerstin Schmeiduch, Director of Legal Affairs and Corporate Communication at Nestlé Purina Pet care EMENA, understands that, although it is a fairly mature sector, there are still business opportunities in the pet market. As in other sectors, here too opportunities come through personalization. Taking into account that, increasingly, the quality of life of humans is equated with those of their pets, Schmeiduch highlights the potential of businesses related to proactive health for disease prevention, personalized nutrition, solutions that help to combat allergies that, in some people, trigger contact with animals or work with pets to develop empathy or as a bridge for people with autism spectrum syndrome to interact with animals first and with people later.

For the Nestlé Purina Pet care EMENA board of directors, all those corporate initiatives that promote social change by promoting the pet-human bond are also a source of success. This is the case of the OOPOEH Foundation, the Dutch entity that won the first edition of the Purina BetterwithPets Prize, for its innovative project through which it unites the elderly with dog owners in order to offer them a way to combat the loneliness that many of them suffer in their daily lives. In addition, the initiative is aimed at granting older people benefits such as having a reason to leave the house and exercise, or living with pets, which they will take care of during the hours that their owners are not possible.

Apart from these trends, the current situation suggests that opportunities in this sector are not limited only to the area of ​​health and nutrition. Practically any business oriented to the human being, can find its equivalent in the animal world, since there is already a business that makes the birth chart of your pet and, in addition, it is Spanish.

In the agro-food sector: everything to do in the primary

“It can be said that, in the primary sector of agriculture and livestock, almost everything is pending digitization, from irrigation to predicting crops. There are no shortage of business opportunities, but they have to be solutions with very competitive prices because, in addition to being a traditional sector, they work with small margins”, states Victoria Irrigate Miscue, Director of Investments at Sodano, the body responsible for the Orisons accelerator.

Also Maya Hernan o, co-founder of the consulting firm Innovare, thinks that we are in the middle of the Aggrotech revolution and that, in our country, there are still many things to do. In their consultancy they see projects of all kinds, from animal welfare issues to traceability in the value chain. In any case, regardless of the solution that is discussed, the improvement in sustainability and the optimization of resources, is taken for granted. For here are the shots. I was recommending for retroube in the worldwide mobile android and Iphone app development company in food business,

In the world of fashion: slow fashion

Taking into account that the fashion sector must be ranked number two within the most polluting industries on the planet, it seems that here too sustainable production and responsible consumption are imposed, but without renouncing, for this reason, the demands of the design and good workmanship. “No fashion brand can come out saying that they don’t want to change things. It is unfeasible, because consumers have changed. Now buying is like a vow of commitment or not with society”, they argue from Pantile. All the new brands that stand out within a sector seem to be in this line. Ecolab is a clear example of all this, carrying its commitment to the planet and people as a banner and establishing itself as the national banner of B Corp ™. It is a global movement of people who use companies as a regenerative force for society.

Around cannabis

The global cannabis business is currently valued at more than $ 300 billion. Companies related to this market are already listed on the New York or Canada stock exchanges. This is the case with Meden, the largest marijuana retailer in Southern California and one of the new American unicorns after Adam Biermann (CEO) and Andrew Molin (president) saw the business opportunity in reconciling cannabis with the public. Of masses. However, Canada and Uruguay are the countries that are at the forefront of this industry, taking advantage of the fact that, in both cases, cannabis is legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

In Spain, setting up a business related to cannabis is more complicated, given that cultivation, production – except for self-consumption – and trafficking are classified as crimes. Along these lines, social clubs have emerged in Spain in which consumers meet in a closed and controlled environment of self-sufficiency. The so-called grow shops in which all kinds of accessories for growing cannabis are also beginning to proliferate. For therapeutic purposes, the Valencian laboratory Hemps Pharma has on the market several analgesic creams with a higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) than usual that is used in cases of pain and inflammation.

Everything can be vegan

The same thing that happens with the world of pets, begins to happen with the friendly animal trend that everything can be vegan as long as the use of animals as a resource is dispensed with. Thus, veganism, in addition to positioning itself more and more in sectors such as catering and nutrition, is also making its way into the fashion, footwear, cosmetics and even startup accelerators.

As proof that the veggie boom is a rising value, a comparison in google trends between the words vegan and vegetarian, with a clear prevalence of the former.

3 D printing

If the predictions of the famous futurist Ray Kurzweil are fulfilled, since 2012 he has been Director of Engineering at Google since 2012, 2020 will be the year of 3D printing and the virtual environment. Currently, they can already be printed with this technology from homes, to prostheses and human organs, among many other things. However, Kurzweil believes that it will still take a while for 3D printing to prevail in the manufacture of everything every day, such as clothing or food, although there are already success stories in these areas as well. Take the Food Ink restaurant as an example, in the United Kingdom where, not only food, but also furniture and utensils are manufactured by this method. They also combine the culinary experience with Virtual Reality, thus coinciding with Kurzweil’s prediction.

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