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Everything You Need To Know About MS Dynamic ERP/CRM

We Can say MS Dynamics as Microsoft Dynamic. MS dynamic is a business management and Customer relationship management platform. There are many (ERP) Enterprise resource planning and (CRM) customer relationship management software applications in Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics hase include these ERP and CRM software applications for small and medium business solutions.

It’s very hard to say that what MS Dynamics 365 offers, There are many modules and MS Dynamic features included. In This blog, we will look at the all-suite of products to help you To Decide what all apps do, and after that, you have to decide that  Dynamics 365 will be a good fit for your business or not.

You Can use other Microsoft products like Yammer, SharePoint, Office 365 and Outlook,  with your Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft will add later Hololens for a better experience In the Future.

MS Dynamic Focus on Different fields like retail, manufacturing, financial services, and the public sector. Microsoft has invented MS Dynamic in 2016 when they try to combine this ERP and CRM Application Together and Microsoft became the First vendor of selling ERP and CRM.


Dynamic 365 App Module

Here Microsoft provides eight types of primary Dynamics 365 apps, and it has many more scheduled for release soon. And Every app has ERP and CRM Functionality

Originally Microsoft delivers with two plans and these two plans based on the size of your business, Microsoft has decided into again think that the way MS Dynamics 365 is licensed. It able to offer the apps as independent entities, And Dynamic has broken into some smaller module or chunk.

This idea comes because Microsoft wants to give customers more freedom to create a solution So that they meet with their needs, and reduce extra cost on we are doing for unnecessary or underused apps.

Because of digital transformation, Microsoft became the topmost of Microsoft’s mission statement.


Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management software system(CRM) Invented By Microsoft Company. And they are a focus on customer relationships for any organization. And its measure is of sales, Marketing and customer service Sector

SalesForce Oracle or Sap They all have the same services as Microsoft dynamic provides us. That’s why many users use this software and all become competitors of MS dynamic. But according to me, Microsoft Dynamics service provider is best

Here is some use of CRM.

  • Its allow any organization to interact and manage better with their customers.
  • CRM allows better Options for marketing to be more productivity.


  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows any organization to track their sales, marketing, and customer service So that organization can think more about their productivity and customer
  • MS CRM (Microsoft CRM) company offer to the firm to keep their CRM Software on-premise and you can go for cloud system


MS Dynamic 365 CRM product offering

Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management offering two categories.

Cloud CRM. And CRM on your desktop

How can we Use CRM

We can use  Microsoft Dynamics CRM by using any of them below.


Outlook and mobile or Outlook.


What is MS Customer Relationship Management cloud-based?

Microsoft CRM365 is giving us the facility to store our organization data license and all things on their Microsoft server,.And the organization can set up their system for accessing their CRM Implementation on your browser, Within a week not in Year and Month. MS CRM has the facility to online support that automatically updates product and services when needed and it has various plans based on data storage capacity limit. CRM has inbuilt Social listening and analytics tools.

What is MS Customer Relation Management on-premises:

Microsoft CRM365 is giving us the facility to store our organization data license and all things are managed by the customers and gives us full access to modify our data. And MS Dynamic service taking extra charges from you and if any additional update comes then the administrator has to install themselves.


Microsoft Dynamics Feature and App

MS Dynamic also Know as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and it comes with two editions. Called Business and Enterprises Both has Different level of feature and software.

There are some features of MS Dynamic.

It has unlimited Software troubleshooting.

It has data migration tools.

It has a proactive Response to alert.

It can monitor the Network devices and port.

You can backup your data and recover.

Marketing: there are personalized marketing tools. You can connect your MS Dynamic to Adobe dynamic

Project service Automation: You can manage your Project planning with a resource schedule and you can track your expense according to time.

Retail: different tools will ease your work like unified commerce tools you can manage your store and inventory.and manage employees of any organization. and merchandise  management

Talent: By connecting LinkedIn you can manage all areas of HR and you can hire employees to manage HR programs.


What Is MS Dynamic ERP  OR What is Dynamic365?

We can abbreviate MS Dynamic ERP as Microsoft  Enterprise Resource Planning developed by Microsoft. Microsoft ERP Software Application provides us End to end business management software.ERP is a set of applications which manages all the task of business. And it can cover planning, development, sales, purchasing, and marketing. There are additional MS Dynamic ERP in the marketplace including JD Edwards, Epicor, SAP, and Oracle Lastly, It has dynamics toolset, but outside of the strict Enterprise R.P. definition, is Dynamics CRM, Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management software. So that application can organize and automate data as a financial management

Microsoft ERP program is used for Small and midsize business or Firm but ERP also provides an Enterprise Resource Planning gives a solution. To become familiar with our organization we can Connect each employee and Data by using Office 365 and Outlook. So that we can Access all Data From any Device.

Let’s see which types of Applications combined into ERP.

Finance and Accounting

Human resource.


Supply chain Management

Project Management

MS Dynamic Customer Relationship Management.


Adaptive Nature of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The organization is becoming digital and they are Developing on three factors Developmental transitional and transformational. Every new employee want to learn better


So I have explained below these three situations For adapting Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Development changes:

When any organization wants to improve their existing processes and Doing Things. Then Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows ease of configuration. So that improvement can be done easily. User can easily learn how to operate Microsoft Dynamics system software in a week

Transitional Changes:

In this type of change, the organization implements new. Organization maybe want to replace their old system to new or want to make some changes here Microsoft Dynamics service is best just because of their simplicity. The employee of a firm and organization can skill easily and move forward.

Transformation changes:

If we talk about transformation changes then I am talking about the transformational project

These ventures are those, where numerous times the ‘result isn’t known n’. Everyone wants to try to find more in a lesser time allotment. The organizations are searching out for boundaries to execute change ventures to be future-ready. In this way, many “transformation projects” are started. Here  MS enterprise service is best because it’s easier to implement compared to other application

Price of Microsoft CRM

Many offers have been provided by Microsoft Dynamics retail. And MS dynamic comes with 9 different purposes application but maybe you don’t need all of this. I suggest you choose according to your business requirements.

MS Dynamics 365 is divided into two categories one is customer engagement and Other Unified Operations.

Customer Engagement is all about sales marketing and service delivery In this category price are below menton

If you want to buy MS dynamics 360 for sale then you have to pay $95 per user per month including marketing.

If you want to buy MS dynamics 360 for customer service app then you have to pay $95 per user per month including marketing.

Same price for project service automation and field service app.

If you want to bundle all this app, then you will have to pay $115 per user per month

If you want to purchase all Dynamic 365 son then you have to pay $210 including customer engagement.


Microsoft always tries to easy our work so that they combine CRM and ERP into a single software application based on the cloud so that we can access our data from any device and anywhere. it’s easy to adopt MS Dynamic for any organization. It supports Two apps of power apps and flows. There are 8 types of software applications in MS Dynamic Divided into two categories one is customer engagement and Other Unified Operations. There are various Prices offer by Microsoft according to their storage of MS Dynamic capacity. An organization can adopt this Ms. Dynamic platform according to their Development changes, Transitional Changes, Transformation changes ERP system has all this functionality Finance and Accounting, Human resource,.ManufacturingSupplychain Management, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management.


Frequently asked questions

Q.1 Which is the best CRM software?

Ans. it’s not easy to say best because there are many CRM software. That’s why you should consider the top 4 like Ms dynamic and SAP Oracle, etc


Q.2 Can I purchase my Dynamic 365 license from Dyn365 pro?

Ans. yes.


Q.3 How Dynamics 365 Business edition different from the MS Enterprise edition?

Ans  Microsoft has only one edition: MS Enterprise edition for Microsoft Dynamics 365. There are various applications for Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Field Services, etc. You’ll select concurring to your Trade prerequisites. Microsoft does not release a business edition anymore.




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