AI Versus HI-Who Wins At What

Artificial Intelligence versus Human Intelligence is a trending topic of debate these days. AI is a boom in the field of technology and has careers and exponential growth for the entire world. AI is a machine that is developed by HI. But is AI ahead of HI? If yes, then in what aspects?
Let’s introduce and distinguish between both by considering all the important aspects.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is something that has the capability to take self decisions and even better decisions without human intervention. Making life easier and interesting for everyone is the prime task of AI. 

There are more than hundreds of applications where Artificial Intelligence is in use.
Human Intelligence is a general ability of humans to make better decisions based on past experiences. It can be measured in a variety of ways like for example in terms of logical (mathematical), interpersonal, linguistic, intrapersonal, and many other factors. The degree of intelligence is measured as per the reacting situation.

But what shouldn’t be forgotten is behind AI, Human Intelligence is a masterpiece.

Critical Thinking
Making a judgment after analysis and evaluation is a difficult task. But for whom? We as human gets trapped while dealing with critical situations but unlike humans, AI is exceptional. It never gets stressed, depressed and unmotivated.

The best example of such thinking power is navigation. Google maps, recommendations by Netflix and Amazon plus treatments of patients is much much easier with AI.

Mode of Creation

The mode of creation is obvious. God creates humans with uniqueness, intelligence and ability to adapt to situations. Meanwhile, with all the natural intelligence, humans bought the wonderful concept of AI in the market though AI has not gone through the process of learning life. 

Still, the question remains unanswered Who is more Intelligent? Let’s have more points on this.


Decision making is useful in every aspect but most importantly widely in use for carrying out successful business activities. It helps in making a better choice out of all by following a set of procedures. 

Now the question arises is AI better than human intelligence?

The human takes a decision on the basis of past experiences and therefore most of the time perform better. On the other hand, an AI learns from human input but for the growth of the business, AI is perfect in making and listing out customers’ experiences. This, in turn, accelerates business.

Analytics and Accuracy
The analytics is to perform computational analysis of data. The whole upcoming industries work on the concept of big data which in turn is a problem and not a solution. To handle such trillions of data is next to impossible with human intelligence. 

If we talk about accuracy then definitely no one is 100 percent accurate. AI developed machines are obviously better as there are natural limitations to the productivity of the human brain. AI is good at making calculations faster with around 94 percent accuracy says the various studies.

Listening Capabilities

When it comes to Listening, this is interesting to explore who has better listening capabilities. This capability includes listening, understanding, following and acting accordingly as it makes use of Natural Language Processing, AI ones again gain more point. It never gets tiring, feels drowsy or sleepy, unlike humans.


To perform multiple tasks at the same is not everybody’s task. If we compare between the two, human wins in performing multiple tasks. As the time to train AI is quite high. If we want to make AI work on multiple tasks then be prepared to invest a lot of time to train.

Speed of Execution
What does execution here mean? It is in the context of generating response time. A human can undoubtedly do multitasking but when it comes to speed, humans lack behind. For example, while dealing with business strategy humans can take tons of days to produce results while AI can do so in a few minutes. 

Another example is the ease of task performance by AI in medical sciences. When the doctor takes more time to diagnose than AI.

Though Affinity(sensitive towards others), Agility(to think out of the box), Original (Human are universal and real) are the other aspects in which human intelligence leads.

While energy efficiency is another dominant factor of AI over Human Intelligence. 

Time to take things into considerations

AI and machine learning are booming at a faster rate showing positive aspects in every scenario. From critical thinking abilities to decision making, AI is evolving a lot every year. It is exciting to discover how and what more AI is going to bring for everyone. 

But isn’t it scary at the same time? AI doing better in every aspect may lead to ignorance of humankind. Secondly, there are going to be implications related to our careers as well. The human need to grow tremendously every day in order to prove self-worth.

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