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How do You Become a Field Engineer?

A field engineer or field service engineer, also sometimes called an engineering technician, is an engineer who repairs, maintains and installs electrical, electronic and engineering equipment. This usually involves working directly with customers or clients, and even helping to generate product sales, and means going out in the field. This career requires a degree-level education, and can earn you a great salary.


Field Engineer Job Description


Field Engineers are on-site engineers, who can work in a variety of different fields. Most of their work is conducted on-site, which means field engineers don’t spend much time in the office. Field engineers can specialize in different areas of engineering, which is likely to affect the types of environments they work in. Some might go into people’s homes, while others work in commercial or industrial environments, or even outdoors. Engineers need to be able to address problems, write reports and help with developing more efficient systems. Strong communication and customer service skills are necessary for this job.



What does a Field Engineer do?


A field engineer technician can carry out a variety of tasks in their day-to-day job. What a field engineer does in their work will depend on the type of organization they work for and the type of environment that they work in. A field engineer might conduct research to identify problems and to find solutions for them. They can also maintain equipment and infrastructure required in their industry, as well as install new technologies. Testing machinery can also be one of the duties of a field engineer. They also need to create reports of their work that they can deliver to senior management.


How to Become a Field Engineer


To become a field engineer, you first need to have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. A degree in engineering or engineering technology is a good choice. If you have a particular industry in mind, it’s worth considering it when you’re choosing your degree. When you decide to become a field engineer, you might look for a permanent role or you could work independently. Becoming a freelance field engineer is often an option after you have some experience, which makes it easier for you to find contract work if you choose to.


Field Engineer Qualifications


An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is an important step in your education if you want to become a field service engineer. Other options are available if you want to gain the right skills and qualifications. For example, some employers will require only a vocational certificate for their engineers. Others might even offer training programs for people with a high school level education. Technical certifications can offer more specific training if you want to develop your skills in a particular area. Field engineers should also be willing to develop their communication skills and customer service skills, as they will often be working directly with customers.


Field Engineer Salaries


Potential salaries are always important when you’re considering your career. In the US, the average field engineer salary is around $60,000 to $65,000 per year. In the UK, a field engineer could earn an average of £29,000 to £33,000. Of course, higher salaries are available. You could earn a higher field service engineer salary by choosing to work as a freelance engineer.


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