Minimum Passing Marks in Intermediate Karachi Board

The Board of Secondary Education (Intermediate Karachi) has millions of students enrolled. Standardized exams are held annually and many candidates struggle to obtain passing marks. There are several reasons behind this. Sometimes candidates face unexpected situations at home and, as a result, fail to perform well in their exams. Other times it’s the difficulty of the syllabus or the tough competition. Intermediate students face many problems and sometimes those problems get in the way of their education. 

So, for such situations, it’s best to stay safe and aim to at least obtain minimum passing marks. The minimum passing marks for intermediate students is 33 out of hundred. Or, more simply, 33% out of 100% of every exam. 

The Grading System of Karachi Board Intermediate Exams

The academic grading system in the Board of Education Karachi is based on percentiles. In high school, these percentiles are categorized into divisions. 


Division Percentile WES Eq.
First 60-100% A
Second 36-59% B
Third 33-35% C
Fail 0-32% F


The minimum passing marks for intermediate are 33%. The percentiles above 80% are considered to be A+ in the local education system. Prestigious institutions, especially for science fields, have extremely high standards and usually only accept students with a percentile of 70% or above. This is because the education system in Pakistan is very competitive. 

How You Should Approach Exams

Harboring the mindset that it’s perfectly alright to aim for minimum passing marks instead of trying your best to achieve the highest marks is extremely harmful. It will negatively affect your mental health as well as academic progress. Although science subjects are often extremely hard, they’re nothing students can’t master.


In fact, board exams are not designed to make you fail, they’re supposed to measure your level of understanding of a subject. 


Instead of thinking in such a pessimistic manner, try to prepare to the best of your abilities. Use solved past papers of your subject and make sure that you’re doing more than aiming to secure a passing grade.

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