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Ducky Bhai Destroyed Shaam Idrees Like A Boss With Proofs

This article is about two well known Pakistani YouTubers “Ducky Bhai (Saad-ur-rehman)”  and “Shaam Idrees”. Ducky Bhai exposed shaam like a boss.

As you know about the controversy between Ducky Bhai and Shaam idrees, this issue occured when ducky said about shaam that he makes scripted pranks and posted fake videos on social media. You also see about this in this video.

Some of Pakistani Youtuber also condemn that Shaam is a fake person, like,

Shahmeer Abbas

Shahmeer once tells about Sham, and said that his entire life was made due to Zaid Ali T. Indeed, those days are clearly behind us since it appears as though Sham has prevailed upon him and now the two are entirely great companions, most definitely.

Shahmeer even went through the night at Sham’s home and totally reclaimed his words saying that he currently figures his Pranks aren’t scripted and the entire thing was a misconception.

Zaid Ali

So Ducky Bhai says that everybody realizes that Sham Idrees is popular in view of Zaid. Trick’s initial couple of recordings all had Zaid in the title and in the thumbnail yet right when he wound up well known, he changed the titles and thumbnails of these recordings.

Indeed, Ducky Bhai conversed with Zaid too and asked him how he felt when Sham expelled his name from the recordings, however Zaid stayed cool and said “Public pagal nahi hai” He additionally included that he wants to be a piece of the recordings any more extended either.

Zaid likewise said that the reason that they aren’t companions any longer is that he doesn’t care for Sham’s substance and in light of the fact that Sham spread lies about Zaid’s family.

Shahveer Jaffery

Ducky Bhai expressed that they were once companions and after that had an end. When he asked Shahveer about for what reason the drop out occurred, Shahveer revealed to him that it was on the grounds that his more youthful sibling, Sunny, worked together with Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees purportedly wasn’t cool with it. Accordingly, he finished the companionship. In any case, Shahveer said he couldn’t mind less what Sham is doing with his life as he’s caught up with doing his very own thing.


Mooroo additionally had a comparable story to share. He said he had teamed up with another substance maker and Sham stole that content, in exactly the same words. What’s more, at Lux Style Awards, Mooroo said that Sham professed not to remember him. Yet, later on, Sham utilized Mooroo’s name in a video alongside a couple of other YouTuber’s names.


Ducky tell that Shaam began to threaten him and his family even he calls his dad and said that your son is involve in cyber crime.

And he show this at the end of the video,

ducky last message

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