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Importance of self care

It is very essential to take good care of yourself. Self care is the basic unit of self improvement and increasing yourself esteem. Self confidence arises from self care. I know you might have been through a lot of challenges. Maybe at some point of your life you were made to feel inferior by the way people treated you. Your parents, friends or relatives might have given you names referring to the worst omen in your life.

The importance of self care

No matter what situation you might have gone through, never forget to care for your own soul. Take good care of yourself. Make the best out of yourself. When you have the opportunity to get what is good for you, then go for it. Don’t limit yourself to happiness; do not stick to your own denial and rejection.

How will other people care for you when you don’t care for your own self? If you want folks to do things the way you like, then you should take an initiative to do them so that they can realize how important they seem to you. Never allow people to degrade you. Conserve your dignity and honor. You have to remember self care starts from you own beliefs and how you feel about yourself.

Your beliefs have a great power to change your life to a better one, the same brain have the capability to change your life into a paradise. What you think about and feel yourself that is what you are going to be. When you believe you are a failure then be sure that failure will be the foundation in your life. It is recommended to have a positive vibe on your own self. This has a higher ability to transform your life.

Take good care of yourself. Fill your mind with knowledge and wisdom. That is another way to care for your own being. On knowledge, seek to find what is informative and helpful to you. Attach yourself with people who will be able to give you a positive impact in your life. You cannot tell me that you care for yourself yet you don’t find out knowledge that can help you out.

If you really do care for yourself you will work on to get to know what best suites you. You will never gather in a crowd to listen conversation of no benefits to you. You won’t allow your brain to be filled with stupidity instead you will tend to make a better use of your memory. Don’t listen to rumors and make your stand on them.

Acquire knowledge, read extensively and humble yourself so that you can learn more from people. Have the urge to learn anything that comes in your way. Don’t be choosy on what you want to learn. Do anything that is worth to you, something that you will gain a certain knowledge from it, that is self what I refer to self care.

the importance of self care

Knowledge will enable you to have the ability to choose what is best for you. You will be able to identify what can harm you and what can build you. If you do a good research you will find that most of the people, who don’t care of their own existence, folks who mostly their rights are deprived, are the ones who have no knowledge on the matters that surrounds them. Knowledge is power and light that pulls a person from the darkness in to the light. That is why impacting yourself with it, is providing self care.

Self love, self care and self value is something amazing that everyone should have. Imagine waking up early in the morning, with a high self-esteem and positivity. What a beautiful day! Walking bare feet on the sand, basking on the sun. Do work outs, take a cold shower. Do all the possible things that make your day. Listen to cool music, enjoy your life.

When self care is the co aspect in your life, you will never use anything that can have a negative effect in your physical or emotional status. Don’t be amongst of the people who indulge themselves in the habit of using drugs, having unprotected sex, drinking alcohol and smoking, have a better sense of your well being. Consider your healthy and dignity.

the importance of self care

Since I knew the effect of these drugs and witnessed my best friend going insane because of using weed. I made a pledge with myself that I will never use any kind of drug in my life. Maybe if I would be addicted then let me get addicted with my blog! It is better to involve yourself in activities that are worthy. I’m not saying that I’m one hundred percent clean.

I have to admit that sometimes I also do find myself doing actions that are not healthy. The moment I realize that I have mess up, the same moment I will find a way to solve my mess. This is all because I do care for my own well being. You should always let yourself be a priority. If you won’t be able to care for your own well being, will you be able to care for your partner?

Self care comes also with the people you put in your heart. I remember my dad used to tell me, let your healthy be your first priority. Don’t engage yourself in unprotected sex. No matter what happens you should always be responsible for your health. This let me love my dad so much. He was always open to me. This leads to the people we get ourselves in relationship with. We should be careful and observe their traits if they are really desirable.

Don’t go picking someone based on your lust without checking her/him out. Trust should not be just be given easily. Don’t trust so easily, because trusting easily will kill you so easily. If you really do care for yourself you will always take measure of things and with anyone you involve yourself with. Your life and health are so meaningful things one can never have. When you have them, use them wisely. If you want to know how crucial they are, visit a hospital.

the importance of self care

Self care also determined by how you groom yourself. How does it feel when everyone tells you how smart you are? How does it feel when everyone one wants to be close to you? How does it feel when everyone wants to hug you? It actually brings out the best feeling. You will feel cherished and loved so much. This will build a good relationship with people around you. All this will be as a result of self care. No one will want to be close to a filthy person.

Some folks groom themselves for a season. You may find some people smart at a certain day, this may have happened because of peer pressure. After a while the same folks will go back again to their old tradition. Be smart and maintain it. It doesn’t have to be for a purpose as some folks do. It is good to keep yourself at your best status always. Dress yourself with the best clothing ever. Perfume yourself. It doesn’t cost a dollar! Doing something good for your own self.

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