How Amadeus is Changing The Horizon of The Travel Industry

The travel sector is one such sector that has suddenly gained a huge momentum within a blink of an eye and the innovations of advanced technology can proclaim the credibility for the same. Although, we are living in a complex and clamorous world, where technology has occupied a large part in our life, but we cannot deny the fact that it has changed the way of our life for the betterment. The travel industry as aforementioned has implemented technology smartly to flourish its business to an extent so that millennial travelers don’t have to face any complications while getting a travel itinerary.

Though the GDS has been evolved initially to serve the aviation industry, but later with some modifications, GDS got ready to serve the whole travel industry and those who are associated with it. GDS is a computerized network system operated by a company that enables transaction between travel industry services providers, mainly airlines and hotels. It helps in streaming live status of the flight and hotel availability, fare, facilities and many other such services and makes it accessible to the travel agents so that they can further distribute it among consumers.

The travel industry is recognized among those commercial sectors that are known for generating the highest number of transactions on a daily basis. With Amadeus u API Integration, a travel operator can enhance his business, gain profit, identify new revenues from different channels and maximize cross-selling and up-scaling the opportunities. Indeed, even on a little stage information sharing between organizations will be required and it must be conceivable if the individuals who are identified with the business approach to work together with one another to actualize and refresh inventive techniques. In 2016, over 595 million travel agency bookings were processed using Amadeus and so you must have understood, how it is changing the visage of the industry.

It is a platform for scalability and speed. The market is full of rivals and at the same time, customers want solutions that can adapt quickly with new features and upgardes. It has a great capacity to create a robust infrastructure that can consolidate data and deliver the real-time information of global travel content.

Key features of Amadeus are:

  • Flight, bus API Integration for both international and domestic level
  • Holiday package management
  • Agent registration
  • Sales report
  • Hotel booking CRM
  • Addition of fund or e-wallets
  • SMS API Integration
  • Chat API Integration
  • Quick view booking
  • Discount coupon for agents
  • Booking management module
  • Trip advisor plug-in integration
  • Multiple payment gateway integration
  • Agent and customer log in
  • Mark-up management module
  • Discount management module
  • User management module

In a fast-paced and fierce market, the variation in needs and requirements from customers induces the fume more. Without a proper channel, it becomes an isolated island where only the fittest can survive. Amadeus GDS API Integration on travel website gives you great flexibility and stability. With proper implementation of travel technology, agile methodology and updated techniques you can deliver out of the shelf services to the travel industry.

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