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Digital Media- Buying & Planning


Digital media is any media that are encoded in machine readable format. These can be edited, viewed and transferred across electronic networks. Examples of digital media include software, images, videos, video games etc. It has quite a major impact on both society and culture and is influencing the way we live our lives. Combined with the internet and using computers personally, digital media has caused an innovation in publishing, entertainment and education. This has also created new problems when it comes to copyright and laws relating to private property. When compared to mass and print media, digital media is easy to copy, modify and share, and because of this, significant changes have been made in industries. Apart from this digital media has allowed individuals to be much more active and creative when it comes to content creation? Basically, anyone who has access to both the internet and computers can participate and contribute their own creations, as well as manage online businesses. The tools that were once only available to a few are now accessible for everyone and are free of cost. However, through the rise of digital media, it is now possible to simply download audio files instead of going out and purchasing them every time when it was needed.

There are companies that offer digital media buying solutions as well. The world of advertising has evolved over time and different methods are used to keep up with recent trends with regards to user experience. Digital media buying is the process of purchasing placements of advertisements on websites, applications and other digital platforms. This falls in the paid media category. When buying media, it is important to find the right place, time, and the proper context that is to be delivered. Digital media buying is time based, and it basically means that the buyer is paying for renting all possible places on different platforms. Advertisers use RTB (real-time bidding) to buy advertisement spots on different websites. If a user opens a new page or simply refreshes one, advertisers negotiate with publishers to display their ad through RTB. Digital media buying can be carried out through the following methods:

  • Direct Placements:

In direct placements, we negotiate service charges with publishers and content writers.

  • Programmatic Buying:

This is used to target our desired audience that match our criteria.

  • Real-time Bidding:

Through RTB we can find our audience online, immediately serve ad impressions and reduce costs while we’re at it.

It is to be noted that these methods give us access to roughly estimated 40 billion impressions everyday across different channels such as mobiles, searches etc And is increasing speedy day by day.


Above mentioned are digital media buying solutions that prove to be highly beneficial for a company. The introduction of automated has made the process more effective and pocket friendly for both buyers and sellers. The future of digital media buying is vast because it’s increasingly automated, and understanding the process is vital for success with digital advertisements.


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