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Client experience (UX) can be characterized as every one of the encounters (physical, tactile, enthusiastic and mental) that an individual has associated with a computerized instrument.

The field of UX is loaded with same-sounding language, this is a fast manual for the terms you should know.


1. Functional UX.

This covers the elements of the user experience that
related to the actual tool – as working technical elements,
navigation, search, and links.

2. Creative UX.

This is the bigger, harder to define it is created by the tool – that gives ‘wow’ factor that covers visual and creative

There are six qualities that make up good UX:

• Findability

can I find it easily? Does it appear high up in the search

• Accessibility

 Does it work on my mobile phone, or on a slow Internet connection? Can I use it as a disabled

• Desirability

do I want to use it? Is it a pleasant experience, or do I dread
logging in?

• Usability

is it easy to use? Are the tools I need intuitive and easy to find?

• Credibility

do I trust it? Is this website legitimate?

• Usefulness

does it add value to me? Will I get something out of the time
I spend interacting with it?

• Who is the user?
•Does the user’s capabilities, web skills, and available technology?
• What features would make the user’s experience easier and better?

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